Christophe Kieken

Since 2009, Christophe has been practicing yoga that he considers more like a lifestyle of body and mind than a specific sport. His passionate and curious nature led him to become interested very early to the disciplines that invite human beings to live in harmony with nature and its rhythms.

Christophe had the privilege to practice for 5 years climbing to the top level where precision of movement, control of mind and body and self-knowledge are essential. Then, he was professor of climbing to share this passion.

Today, his desire remains the same with yoga: share his experience and help people to discover this ancient practice. His philanthropic spirit, curious and universalist mind pushed him to travel throughout the world, particularly in India and Sri Lanka where he discovered the precepts of Oriental wisdom. Recently, Christophe began research in the therapeutic aspects of yoga improving health and stress management. He is also interested in newer practices like Budokon, combining martial arts, yoga and Zen meditation. Christophe has followed a Yoga teacher training under the direction of Nicole Bordeleau, Master Yoga, and also many workshops including those of Mark Darby (Ashtanga), various advanced courses in Yin Yoga, Budokon, Hot Yoga, Meditation, Yoga-Nidrâ and visualization techniques just to name a few.