Dani MacLean

In 2002, Dani took her first yoga class in her hometown of Halifax Nova Scotia. It was not a magical experience by any means but something kept pulling her back to the practice room.

Following her first Teacher Training in 2003, she immediately dove into teaching several classes a week. The practice (at the time) was strictly physical. 13 years later, Dani’s practice and teachings have opened immensely, going far beyond the physical postures. This evolution came naturally.She chose to let yoga find her, one step at a time and only when her mind and body where ready for more.

Dani’s path to teaching (full-time) also came slowly. She spent 8 years in the hectic corporate world of IT consulting and far too many days in high heel shoes (ouch). It was her body that first craved the daily yogic path but ultimately, it was her heart that took the plunge and guided the creation of DAMA Yoga Inc. Mother, business owner and yoga teacher, Dani understands the need for balance both on and off the mat.


Yoga Certifications:

2003 – Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training – Maureen Rae – 50 hours
2010-2011 – Kripalu inspired Yoga Teacher Training – Kelly McGrath – RYT-200 hours
2010 – Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher Training – Janice Clairfield – 30 hours
2016-2017 – Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training – Dawn Mauricio, Rodney Yee, Elizabeth Emberly, et al – RYT-500 hours (in progress)
And over 50 master classes and workshops for Continued Education Credits (CEC)